With One Action KCR Wins Huge Applause

With One Action KCR Wins Huge Applause

"From which every corner of India you are, you are our responsibility. You're here in our state to assist us in the development of Telangana. Don't even worry and think about leaving the state, we will take care of your food, health, safety, stay and everything" said Telangana Chief Minister KCR today, giving assurance to migrant workers that they won't face a Delhi like situation here.

These words of KCR are currently doing rounds everywhere around the nation (he said those words in Hindi), as many journalists and politicians asked the Central government if they can't give similar assurance to migrant labour in the national capital region. KCR also said, "A relief package and 12 Kg of rice and pulses along with other needed essentials will be given to these workers, whom we consider as 'State's Development Partners".

Many people who either represent these workers or who happens to be the kith and kin of these non-state persons are heaping praises on the Telangana CM for the way he is behaving during the crisis hour. Not only his words gave lot of dignity to them, but his assurance drives away their fears in these tough times.

Well, time for PM Narendra Modi and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to look at the KCR way of functioning during crisis hour, isn't it?

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