Sunday: Telugu People Worried About Non-Veg Than Corona

Sunday: Telugu People Worried About Non-Veg Than Corona

Apparently the scenes of Sunday at various towns and cities of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana are not hopeful and appreciable at this point of time. And it makes anyone wonder why even literates also give importance to their sense of stupidity than practising the need of the hour, social distancing.

Scenes at various places like Rytu Bazaar in Kurnool, Fish Markt in Eluru and Ration shops in Vijayawada saw nothing like social distancing, as people are simply roaming, flocking and wading through the roads and streets in the name of buying essentials. Especially the usual crowds at chicken and mutton shops got doubled we have to say, while every consumer is buying double than what he actually buys.

Seeing that, one must say, Telugu people are more worried about eating non-vegetarian food now rather than the deadly coronavirus that could permanently put a full-stop their presence in the world. Despite repeated calls from authorities and various educational videos coming from celebrities, it looks like some parts of Telugu states are not in a mood to take then.

With India's Covid-19 positive patients count crossing the 1000-mark, and death toll touching 27, its time to be more careful in order to avoid this outbreak turning into a massive pandemic. But with people being very careless this way, we have to see where this goes.


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