Hyd Liquor Addicts Trying To Break Into Wine Shops

Hyd Liquor Addicts Trying To Break Into Wine Shops

Of course, few researchers have already expressed fears that those people having the habit of regularly taking alcohol might experience withdrawal symptoms as liquor shops in all the states that went into a lockdown are shut. And it looks like apart from such symptoms, the urge of few drinkers to get a bottle of alcohol at any cost is right now creating another law and order situation.

Apparently Telangana Wine Dealers Association has lodged a complaint with Hyderabad Police commissioner that their shops should be provided with extra security by patrolling teams. This is because many shops are said to have noticed that the locks are being broken and shutters are being torn to steal liquor bottles. Before the complaint lodged, actually videos of some liquor addicts trying to break into wineshops went viral on the social media as well.

On the other hand, Hyderabad police have denied that there rumours of Telangana government getting ready to open liquor shops for a couple of hours a day is untrue. After some miscreants made a fake order copy of the government where it is written about operation of liquor shops, police clarified that no such order is given and action will be taken on these fake-news spreaders.

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