Pic Talk: The Biggest Failure Of India's Lockdown

Pic Talk: The Biggest Failure Of India's Lockdown

While the ruling BJP might have felt that a simple lockdown announcement in a live press meet would workout wonders as it happened in the case of 'demonetisation'. But with no contingency plan in hand, lockdown is a huge failure in national capital Delhi where thousands of migrant workers, without even basic mask protection, have rushed to a bus terminal today to catch a bus home.

The sudden announcement of lockdown is needed, but then the government should have figured it out earlier as to what they are going to do with migrant daily wage labourers. With no place to stay, no food to eat and no other means of transportation to bank on, more than a thousand folks took foot to scale 200 kilometres journey for their hometowns. Understanding their plight only after 3 days, the government has now arranged buses to take them home, but with no proper plan again.

This led to all the workers rushing to Anand Vihar bus terminal in Delhi, and they have clouded it like anything else. If unfortunately, there is one single unidentified positive case among them, then the resulting chaos and tragedy will be unimaginable. That's the worst fear of many critics of the government, but it looks like neither the central government nor Delhi CM or UP CM has something concrete to address this crisis.

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