Pic Talk: Most Criticised Pic On Social Media Today

Pic Talk: Most Criticised Pic On Social Media Today

At a time when Covid-19 outbreak is shaking the very foundations of many countries, and India seem to be doing the tightrope walk, there are these politicians who still want to exact their politics, and continue with their PR policies. And netizens are not leaving them alone as they are ready to attack them on social media as soon as something happens.

Other day, already BJP led central government announced that to give more entertainment to the people in the lockdown times, they have decided to re-telecast Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan on Doordarshan again. And today, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar's picture of watching the TV show from the comforts of his luxury living room got released.

Taking strong exception to this, netizens shot back at the Minister asking him how he could sit in front of TV and enjoy Ramayan, while homeless migrants from Delhi have taken up 100-200 kilometres walk in order to reach their hometowns. As scenes from Delhi are surely melting hearts, netizens trolled Javadekar for pushing agenda on the people rather than working on the grassroot level issues in these crisis times.  

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