#Corona: 5400 passports seized in Telangana

#Corona: 5400 passports seized in Telangana

The Telangana government is on high alert with the Corona positive cases increasing with each day passing. Yesterday at the press meet, Telangana CM KCR said all the people who have landed in Hyderabad before March 23rd are to be checked of Corona symptoms.

Following this statement, the CMO has sent directives to all district collectors and based on these orders, about 5400 passports have seized by the police based on the information they gathered from the aviation department.

The police and revenue officials are reaching the residences of the people and enquiring about the health and stuff. The police seized 96 passports from Manikonda region of Hyderabad.

The police are filing cases against people who were asked to be in home quarantine for two weeks but are breaching it. So far about 8 people have ignored the home quarantine and 15 cases are filing against people violating the government's suggestion.

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