Virus Scare: Reckless Mass Travel At UP-Delhi Border

Virus Scare: Reckless Mass Travel At UP-Delhi Border

The Telangana AP border turner a burner with agitating students and employees trying to enter the AP state while the AP police were ordered to stop them as per lock-down orders. After HC intervened and ordered to allow them, the same started in many places like the UP-Delhi border. These reckless mass travels are all the virus wants.

When it has highly campaigned about the awareness of virus spread and the importance of social distancing, these scenes of a large number of people heading together appear more than scaring. Even if one of them is already infected, imagine how large the virus is going to spread and how far.

The Lock-down means preventing people from leaving an area under emergency situations, but what it is being understood in India is as a go-home protocol with their own travel sources. The mass travels have begun the next day of lockdown and hundreds of students and employees from metro cities have decided to get to their native homes, at any cost.

The lock-down to prevent virus spread is completely being contradicted with these travelings together, as the state governments are giving away the permissions to leave the place. The virus spreads faster when there is no social distancing. These hundreds of people entering any state could not be screened and nobody knows if they are already infected until they show up the symptoms and they might have spread among many more people around without even knowing it.

As the Telangana CM KCR said, there seems to be a need to mandate a forced lockdown, for which the people are not paying any heed, forcing to curfew by military forces in the states.

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