Pawan doing too much BJP 'Bhajana'!

Pawan doing too much BJP 'Bhajana'!

Post announcing the alliance of BJP and Jana Sena, there is a huge change in Pawan's attitude towards the saffron party. On social media he started following PM Modi, Home minister Amit Shah and many other BJP leaders.

On the 'Three Capitals' row when the rumours came that Jagan kept Modi and Shah in loop about the issue, Pawan hit back at the AP CM and defended BJP in this whole episode. And now Pawan is retweeting every instruction and announcement of Modi and BJP government on Corona virus.

When PM Modi informed about the lockdown, within minutes, Pawan posted a video supporting it and then after Union Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a special package of Rs 1.70 Lakh crore on Corona relief works, Pawan thanked both Nirmala and Modi. Now with RBI easing EMIs for middle class people, Pawan credited this to Modi as well.

Seems like Pawan is doing too much BJP 'Bhajana' and Jana Sena followers absolutely confused about this. In these hard times, Pawan should encourage Jana Sena followers to help the people who are in distress and hunger. Instead Pawan is confined to endorsing BJP's views.

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