US beats China and Italy in coronavirus cases

US beats China and Italy in coronavirus cases

With the coronavirus outbreak first found in Wuhan, China, in Dec 2019, the country is drastically developing and settled with zero new positive cases today. The Chinese government's organizational capability and power proved to be unimaginable.

If we recall, Wuhan municipal government made mistakes at the beginning of coronavirus outbreak but everything is different after the central government take hands in.

Now, the coronavirus cases in the United States has leapfrogged both China and Italy which were earlier in the top two places for the novel virus. With more than 82,400 cases, The US crossed Italy which now has 80,500. This makes 26 March as an unhappy milestone for the United States. Until then, we had China, Italy and, USA in the top three list.

However, Italy reported the highest number of deaths with 8,200 plus deaths. Globally, more than 120,000 people have recovered from COVID-19, while more than 23,000 people have died.

Until Feb 20, it is surprising to learn that the US reported on 15 cases. But once officials started testing in earnest for Covid-19, the cases started to only elevate. On March 1, there were 75. On March 7, 435. On March 14, 2,770. On March 21, 24,192. Now it's at 82,404.

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