KTR and Pawan's Twitter 'Bromance'

KTR and Pawan's Twitter 'Bromance'

This morning Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has donated Rs 50 Lakh to Telangana government for the relief works of Corona virus. Reacting on this IT minister KTR thanked Pawan for this great gesture.

To this Pawan congratulated KTR and the TRS government under the leadership CM KCR which is taking unprecedented steps to tackle the epidemic. However, here Pawan addressed KTR as 'SIR.' A bit surprised by using the word 'SIR' KTR replied, 'Since when did you start calling me sir! Always a brother pls!'

Acknowledging KTR's request of 'Brother Pls,' Pawan replied with 'Yes Brother' tweet.

Followers of Pawan and KTR got to see a good camaraderie and they thoroughly enjoyed by liking their comments.

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