Corona crisis: KTR doing the best on twitter

Corona crisis: KTR doing the best on twitter

Being a high profile minister in KCR's cabinet, KTR enjoys a good following within the party. Also he is the most popular politician from Telangana on social media. Apart from this, KTR constantly helps people who reach him through Twitter. Through CM relief fund, he provides financial assistance to people who are in emergency medical need.

But due to Corona virus, from students to common man, many are urging for KTR's help on Twitter. On these requests, KTR is reacting quickly and asking his team to reach them immediately for assistance. Last night, students who left Hyderabad got stuck at Andhra border and regarding this, he tweeted that CM KCR spoke to AP CM YS Jagan and settled the issue.

Then there are cases of pregnant woman who need family support and for them, KTR's team is coordinating with police to allow them to travel to their destinations. This timely gesture is very helpful those who are really in emergency situations

Baahubali producer Shobu Yarlagadda appreciated KTR's assistance in the need of the hour and tweeted, "Thank you @KTRTRS for being so proactive and responding promptly to so many of these kind of requests in times like this.  It must be really comforting to these people!  Sign of compassionate and strong leader."

KTR is setting a good example for other young politicians who definitely need to be forefront during such hard times.

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