Corona In US: Sudden Spike In Deaths On Wednesday

Corona In US: Sudden Spike In Deaths On Wednesday

Amid the predictions on the US could become the next epicenter of pandemic Coronavirus, the number of positive infected in reported cases is 64,000. And there is a sudden spike in death rate on Wednesday in the USA.

More than 200 deaths are reported on Wednesday, a record in a single day. The total deaths since the outbreak reached 908, while there were 164 deaths on Tuesday. On Sunday there were 326 deaths on Sunday morning, now the drastic increase in number is worrying people.

While in New York, the social distancing seems to be working though there are 4790 new confirmed cases on Tuesday, it is a lesser number than that of Monday which registered 5707. With a total of 30000 positive cases in New York, there are 17,856 among them are from New York City itself. 285 died so far in New York with Coronavirus infection.

White House health experts said that anyone who leaves New York should self-quarantine themselves in an effort to slow down the virus spread.

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