Pandemic Sidelines Panchangam On Ugadi

Pandemic Sidelines Panchangam On Ugadi

Apparently a joke is doing rounds on the internet where the day-wise astrology of each sun sign is given. Of course, ever sun sign had the same prediction for the day- "Today you will stay at home". When everyone is laughing over this meme, surely there are no takers for the real 'panchangam' as well.

On the auspicious occasion of Ugadi, usually 'Panchanga Sravanam' is a major event in the Telugu families. After celebrating the Telugu new year they will stick their eyes to television sets in order to listen to the panchangam. Guess what, this Ugadi (Mar 25), 90% of the TV lovers never took this annual astrological moon sign predictions seriously.

Though many noted gurus and expert astrologers are busy delivering their Panchangam on TVs, the news related to new COVID-19 positive cases in Telugu states, how people residing in Hyderabad hostels are queuing to police stations for NOCs to go home, how some people are violating lockdown and curfew norms have become the trending topics.

As everyone is worried about their near and dear, surely this time, panchangam didn't make the cut to become the trending topic.

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