3 Years Old Is Covid-19 Patient #41 In Telangana!

3 Years Old Is Covid-19 Patient #41 In Telangana!

On March 25th, two new positive cases of COVID-19 are registered in Telangana as the total positive cases count rose to 41, while India stood at nearly 650 positive cases, close to midnight. But the latest case in Telangana is sparking a bit of tremor in the residents of Hyderabad.

This time, a 3-year-old boy from Hyderabad got diagnosed with coronavirus as his tests came positive. While his condition is said to be stable, this is a revelation because till date it is believed that COVID-19 is not affecting kids and infants. In the case of this Patient No 41, he is said to have returned from Saudi Arabia recently along with family, which went for a religious trip.

While Telangana officials have already started spraying sterilisers and containing the areas where the infected people lived before they were diagnosed, the fears among the surrounding neighbourhoods cannot be described in words.

One word for the ones who are hearing, stay home and stay safe.

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