Coronavirus: Prince Charles tests positive

Coronavirus: Prince Charles tests positive

Prince Charles, the heir of the throne, has been tested positive for coronavirus and Clarence House confirmed the news today. The 71-year-old royal had been diagnosed with the COVID-19 as he showed mild symptoms on Sunday He has been tested on Monday.

With the results coming late on Monday, Royal ardent fans worried over the news. However, Charles remains in good health and is self-isolating in Scotland. His wife, Camilla,  the Duchess of Cornwall was tested negative, however, she is staying in Scotland, accompanying Charles.

Also, with good health, the Prince of Wales is working from home from a past few days. As per the government and medical regulations, the Prince is said to be self-isolating with proper treatment. Currently, there are a total of 8000 plus cases in the UK and reached 450 plus deaths.

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