India On 21 Days Lockdown: USA Numbers Justify It

India On 21 Days Lockdown: USA Numbers Justify It

Many are still wondering why Prime Minister went for 21 days lockdown at a time when the number of COVID-19 infections are pretty low in India, compared to other countries. But that's not the point we should talk about. Perhaps, a look at the number of positive cases in the USA and how they rose in the absence of lockdown, tells us the reality.

Top tier cities like Newyork in the USA went to total shutdown just 3 days ago, but by then, the situation has already turned worse with 25,000 cases and 210 deaths.

Just after 8 days after testing got intensified in the USA (on March 8th), COVID-19 positive cases stood at 564 across the country. But with many people unchecked and untested, and cities not locked down, the numbers grew at an alarming pace. By March 25, in 17 days span, USA recorded 52,000+ positive cases, thus becoming the new epicentre of pandemic.

Guess what, if cities like Newyork and other places went into lockdown on March 8th itself, then they would have avoided that puzzling rate at which positive cases have grown, as they would have contained the spread of coronavirus. But with Donald Trump thinking that Chloroquinone is enough to treat the USA, he went on giving statements like the US will help the world, but now his own country has fallen into a helpless situation.

Reading all these happenings, including how things shaped up in Italy as they too didn't go for early lockdown, India just upped their ante in the fight against this health crisis, by announcing 21 days lockdown. Some health experts say that if 24x7 curfew is imposed, it would be much better provided with the fact that online delivery system will help fulfil grocery and medicine needs of people.

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