TDP MPs Donated, Where Are The YSRC MPs?

TDP MPs Donated, Where Are The YSRC MPs?

The coronavirus outbreak turned into a catastrophe and to support the government in this crisis time, many film actors, politicians and business tycoons have been donating.

As his share of donation to support the fight against Covid-19, the TDP MP Kesineni Nani offered Rs 5 crore from his MP funds. Nani further requested the proposals from Collector and Municipal Commissioner on how these funds can better be put at purpose. TDP MP Ram Mohan Naidu too donated towards the relief activities and essentials in the fight against the deadly virus.

AP opposition leader Chandrababu donated 10 lakh rupees to the CM relief fund and also called up the TDP MLCs and MLAs to do their part by donating a month's salary. Chandrababu requested the government to provide essential groceries that a poor family needs for two months and deliver them at their respective doors. He also asked the Jagan government to provide Rs 5000 rupees to every poor family in the state.

Well, when the MPs from TDP are being responsible in the current situation and donated the possible large amounts towards the cause, it is now the turn of MPs from the ruling YSRC party to act upon the situation and does their bit, though they should have done it much before.

The Coronavirus outbreak left many jobless and their earnings have become the mercy of the employers. While many companies had been generous in giving away the advance salaries and paid leaves to the employees, there are some who could not do that.

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