Lockdown Violation: 2480 Vehicles Seized In Hyderabad In One Day

Lockdown Violation: 2480 Vehicles Seized In Hyderabad In One Day

When the Government orders something in the middle of this crisis, it takes common sense to understand how serious the order is. That too, when it is a Lockdown, asking the people to observe a homestay instead of going out unless it is very necessary to avoid spreading the virus, the severity of the situation needs to be understood.

But there are some, who had to come out for their daily chores and some who just ignore the orders. The Hyderabad police have done the right thing with them by seizing the vehicles, which shot up to a shocking number of 2480 in one day. As per the lockdown orders, only one person can travel on a two-wheeler and a maximum of two persons can go on a four-wheeler.

1058 Two-wheelers, 948 Three wheelers, 429 four-wheelers, and 45 other vehicles were among them. CM KCR as well asked the public to stay home and all these people who got their vehicles seized could not do so.

As they ignored the seriousness of the virus outbreak and the precautions the governments are trying to put on, their vehicles are seized. The state governments are bringing on the legal action to be imposed on anyone who wishes to go not by abiding the lockdown orders from a government that works against Corona spread.

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