Telangana Man Who Hosted The Ten Indonesians Arrested

Telangana Man Who Hosted The Ten Indonesians Arrested

Despite the fact that there are strict rules in places to not take up any mass gathering activities, this Telangana man has not only hosted 10 Indonesia preachers, out of whom 8 tested positive for COVID-19, but also started taking classes to students. Finally, police have nabbed him after a manhunt and quarantined him for the now.

39-year-old Jameel Ahmed runs a coaching centre, Institue of Mathematics, in Karimnagar and recently got arrested for not shutting down the centre despite warnings from Telangana state authorities. While he is released on a station bail in that case, other day, police have found that he is the one who is said to have hosted religious preachers group from Indonesia. After knowing about the positive result of these foreigners, Jameel is said to have gone underground.

After a manhunt, police nabbed him from a hideout in Karimnagar district and quarantined him at a hospital in Karimnagar itself. The result of his tests will be out in a couple of days, while he will be investigated about the places he took the Indonesians to, apart from the mosques where they have hosted prayers.

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