Delhi's Case #10 Sets Off Worst Chain Reaction Now

Delhi's Case #10 Sets Off Worst Chain Reaction Now

So far, many people are thinking that #CoronaVirus is infecting only people with travel history, but that's untrue. Anyone who gets in contact with Corona positive cases is likely to get an infection if preventive measures are not taken properly. Here is the example of Delhi's Case #10 that is right now worrying Indian authorities and medical agencies.

After staying in Saudi Arabia for a month, a woman (Case#10) and her son (aged 19) returned to Delhi on March 10th who was received by woman's brother. On March 12th, she showcased symptoms of fever and cough and by 17th she was diagnosed as 'positive' patient. On March 20th, her brother and mother got tested positive, while her two daughters, aged 24 and 26, were tested positive on 21st.

Sadly, the local doctor who has first checked her on Mar 12th also tested positive yesterday. Except for her son who strictly kept himself in quarantine, the rest of his family tested positive, which sends an alarming signal of what is to come in the days.

And now, Delhi police have identified at least 70 persons, including the patients and family of the doctor, and other persons who got in touch with this Delhi lady's family, as they are worried that there might be many more positive cases as the woman has already kicked off a chain reaction.

Already news is coming out that the local doctor's wife and daughter have are showing heavy symptoms of COVID-19 while the Case #10 (Delhi's woman)'s brother who went to some mass gatherings in the last 5 days might have passed it on to many. Looks like the worst has already started taking its place and it began in Delhi.

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