YCP colors: SC's satire on Jagan govt

YCP colors: SC's satire on Jagan govt

Two weeks back the High Court of AP has ordered the YSRCP government to remove the colors of the party (blue & green) painted to all the government offices, graveyards and stuff. However, AP CM YS Jagan led YSRCP government expressed unhappy towards this decision and decided to knock the Supreme Court.

A petition was filed by the YSRCP government in the Supreme Court over High Court's decision. Hearing the petition, the court has made satirical comments on Jagan sarkar. "Will you accept if all the central government offices are painted in Orange color? Change the colors of the government offices as per High Court directions," said the Supreme Court.

The Apex Court also squashed the petition of AP government saying there is not matter in it to argue. Earlier the High Court has order YSRCP government to repaint the blue & green colors with different colors before the local polls. But with local polls getting postponed, Jagan government is in no mood to remove them.

With Supreme Court's fresh ruling, YSRCP has no other option.

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