Corona patient's wife tested positive in Vizag

Corona patient's wife tested positive in Vizag

Ever since the first coronavirus positive case has hit Andhra with Nellore patient, the people in the state were scattered with anxiety. Amid the fear, the second case was tested positive in Ongole.

In spite of precautionary measures, the third case, which was reported in Vizag, had the man a travel history of Saudi Arabia. Now, the latest news is the third case man's wife has now tested positive and she will be the 6th case in Andhra.  

Since her husband has a travel history of Mecca, SA, his wife has now been infected. Now, the fear doubles as the man travelled to Vizag via Kacheguda express and the passengers who were along him are at greater risk, especially after his wife came out positive to the novel virus. The fifth case came into light in Andhra after a Paris returned student was tested positive in Vijayawada.

The total of 6 cases now in the state made the government impose section 144 in a few cities and officials are fully prepared to do their best in breaking the chain of infection. In Andhra Pradesh, apart from six confirmed positive cases, 206 people are under home isolation and 10 in hospital admission are stable. Also, five patients' results are awaited and 29 out of 34 samples have tested negative for the coronavirus.

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