COVID-19: South Korean Companies Racing Ahead

COVID-19: South Korean Companies Racing Ahead

One of the most crucial advancements that helped South Korea limit the advancing of Coronavirus in their country is the way they identified positive-patients at the earliest. This is because of a company named Seegene that has created a test kit to check Coronavirus infection even before the country officially registered their first COVID-19 case.

As the World Health Organisation released the gene pattern of COVID-19, this company is able to develop a test kit. Now, another South Korean pharma major Sujentech developed a portable diagnostic kit that could tell if you are tested positive or negative for coronavirus in just 10 minutes. The company is said to be planning to export almost 3 lakh test kits per week to the world now.

In fact, only German companies have now developed these test kits and testing more people than anyone would expect. While USA companies are yet to create such diagnostic kits, India is still dependent on National Institute Of Virology in Pune and some newly setup test centres to diagnose a case. It takes nearly 2 days for the samples to get tested and analysed.

When PM Modi asked Indian pharma majors to develop the test kits faster, they have assured the Prime Minister that things are shaping up much faster, but yet, we are to come out with a simple test kit.

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