Target Revanth: News Channel continues its rant

Target Revanth: News Channel continues its rant

Irrespective of political affiliation, this leading news channel has always maintained its composure on the allegations against it. But the moment the channel went into the hands of big business man of Telangana, the reporting style of this channel has changed.

This change was witnessed last weekend when the so-called channel aired an exclusive feature on Congress firebrand leader and Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy. The channel alleged that Revanth and his family own 29 shell companies and thousands of crore of Rupees transactions have happened.

Today, the channel reached advocate JAC leader Govardhan Reddy and published his comments. The advocate said, Revanth is just a painter and his father had just nine acres of land at Kondareddypalli village. "How can an ordinary painter amass so much wealth in short time? Revanth's whole life is a hidden mafia. It is TRS party which gave him political life as ZPTC and now he is an MP. He should not forget his roots," said Govardhan Reddy.

This shows the news channel will continue to target Revanth no matter what at the behest of their big invester. We have to see how Revanth counters these allegations.

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