COVID-19: The China Way Is Needed & Essential

COVID-19: The China Way Is Needed & Essential

Other day Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked every citizen of the country to not panic and requested everyone to participate in the mass curfew on coming Sunday. While the idea is good, these types of showdown acts don't do well in times of pandemic. Here is the model one has to follow if COVID-19 outbreak has to be contained.

If we look at China where there are almost 5000 cases registered in a single day at one point of time, the ways the red country adapted from Feb 1st to March 20th have today resulted in no new case being registered in Wuhan province. This is because China has first ordered a lockdown of cities as that will not allow any citizen to travel from place to place and spread the virus.

Secondly, China started testing a huge number of persons, almost everyone, to see if they have a fever and collected nasal swabs to asses the risk of having virus or if they have the organism in their bodies already. They installed scanners not only at hospitals but at shopping malls, even Mc Donalds and other eateries. Can't we do that right now in Big cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai?

At the same time, China made sure that all the citizens of Wuhan will follow strict guidelines including maintaining 6-feet distance when coming outside and standing at the queue of the super bazaar and other grocery shops, stores. India has seen how people are rushing to Wednesday market at Big Bazaar other day, and how people have rushed to Kadiri Rathotsavam (Anantapur temple) and religious congregation at Kalvari Temple in Miyapur. Unless these things are banned, virus can't be contained.

And the other big thing China has done is mass sterilisation, where they have sterilised the whole of cities including bridges, parks, benches, street lights and all other sports where citizens might touch and the virus might be residing already. They did every single day for a month, such that the traces of virus will be eliminated. Here in India, we have the Railway department sterilising their offices and compartments, but that is not enough.

All said and done, implementing China's way of handling virus might producer better results rather looking at the sky like Italy where the casualties have now transcended the number of deaths in China.

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