#MPCrisis: CM Kamal Nath resigns

#MPCrisis: CM Kamal Nath resigns

The political crisis in Madhya Pradesh has forced CM Kamal Nath to resign. As per the Supreme Court orders, the government was supposed to prove its majority in the assembly today. But the Kamal Nath government in the state knew that they have no strength to win the trust vote. To avoid this, Kamal Nath resigned.

Before announcing his resignation, Kamal Nath has called on the media and lashed out at BJP for betrayed the mandate of people and doing filthy politics.

"In the last 15 months, my government has worked very hard and did things which the BJP did not do in their 15 years of being in power. We waived of crop loans of 20 Lakh farmers," said Kamal Nath.

"The people of this country can see the truth behind the incident where MLAs are being held hostage in Bengaluru...The truth will come out. People will not forgive them. People voted for us to rule for five years. But BJP's tricks started from day one of our government," added the MP CM.

With Kamal Nath offering resignation, BJP is likely to stake claim to form government.

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