Strong Amaravati 'Muhurtam' Stopping Jagan To Shift to Vizag?

Strong Amaravati 'Muhurtam' Stopping Jagan To Shift to Vizag?

AP CM YS Jagan is hell bent to have three capitals for the state. Accordingly Jagan has planned everything. As per his wish, the three committees have voted for 'Three Capitals' and then Jagan moved to Assembly to get approval.

In a punch, Jagan received a jolt on capital in the Legislative Council. There is a rumour that strong 'Amaravati' foundation Muhurtham is causing these troubles for Jagan and his government from moving to Vizag.

Initially, Jagan wanted to finish the 'Three Capitals' row in the Assembly and Council and shift to Vizag by Republic Day i.e, January 26th. A perfect muhurtham was also fixed for this and reports also came that a renowned Swamiji suggested Jagan to shift to Vizag before January 29th. With the roadblocks, the issue went into cold storage.

Then Jagan fixed another muhurtham for Ugadi i.e, March 25th. For this date, to get over the local polls and introduce the vote-on-account budget were in the mind of Jagan. In a hurry, Jagan sarkar finalized the reservations for local body polls but the High Court did not approve. So the YSRCP government brought the the notification for polls was out in no time. Just when everything was looking good, Corona virus halted the local polls. This irked Jagan immensely and is terribly upset.

If the local body polls had proceeded as per the scheduled and also the budget, Jagan was in thoughts to shift to Vizag in April first week or so. These happenings made YSRCP leaders rethink about the muhurtham fixed by the Swamiji.

Despite doing everything for the people, YSRCP leaders aren't happy that they are not getting the due credit. Now they suspect a conspiracy and this is worrying them a lot. A few leaders believe that the day Amaravati foundation stone was, has strong factors that were working in its favour. Sand and water of several holy places were brought to Amaravati and later the construction of capital city took unprecedented steps.

It's not that easy as it is thought opine a few leaders. Off the record a key YSRCP leader said, how can justice be done to the farmers who have donated their land? They have no clue how to convince the farmers who are adamant in having Amaravati as capital and there is no second thought in it.

On the whole, the YSRCP leaders believe that the Swamjis from their side, should decide a will-power muhurtham that can checkmate any sort of hurdle in future. Will this happen then? Only God knows!

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