Nimmagadda Denies Writing Any Letter for Security!

Nimmagadda Denies Writing Any Letter for Security!

Andhra Pradesh State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar denies writing any letter to Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla, which is being circulated in media as if he requested the need for high security for him and his family's lives are in threat.

In the letter being circulated, it is reported that Nimmagadda is feeling insecure in the state after he locked horns with the state government in the postponement of local body elections against the latter's will and that he is urging for central forces as his security. It was also mentioned in the so-called circulated letter that Nimmagadda referred to the percentage of unanimous decisions of MPTCs and ZPTCs in the state.

With the shocking denial from Nimmagadda himself, the version of the letter being circulated in the name of the State Election Commissioner can be understood as fake now and we have to see if there are more twists to be added to this episode.  

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