Babu's Tana, Pawan's Tandana: Botsa

Babu's Tana, Pawan's Tandana: Botsa

Amid the ongoing allegations by TDP against the YSRC government for disrupting the process of peaceful local body elections, YSRC's loud mouth Botsa came down heavily on Chandrababu and Pawan with a series of satires. He evoked laughs at the press conference with his trademark style comments.

Botsa's comments like 'Chandrababu is saying Tana followed by Pawan Kalyan's Tandana' brought laughs at the meet. Botsa advised Chandrababu to give up his atrocious acts of invoking hatred between groups and he also alleged that the senior-most leaders of TDP since the party's formation are now waving goodbye to TDP just due to intolerance to Chandrababu's enormity.

TDP has been alleging that the local elections have been being obstructed by YSRC in an anti-democratic way and also that police have been busy killing the democracy as per government's direction.

Botsa started the press conference with 'jaundice' comments against Chandrababu and reprimanded that the present elections are being conducted much better than how it happened during TDP's rule and only due to YSRC's proper decisions, the elections are being organized in very much democratic procedure. Botsa ruled out Chandrababu's comments, saying that the opposition leader is busy promoting the minuscule unwanted incidents under the magnifying glass.

Reiterating that YSRC leaders have been maintaining the calm and peace even when Chandrababu is relentlessly trying to provoke them. Botsa predicted a 98 seat win for YSRC in these elections.