For A Change: YCP leaders Join Jana Sena

For A Change: YCP leaders Join Jana Sena

When a party is in power, it's a usual phenomenon that it will attract leaders from opposition parties. But for a change, the ruling party leaders have joined the opposition and this happened in Vizag's Gajuwaka.

YSRCP leaders from the constituency took up Jana Sena flag in the presence of party chief Pawan Kalyan. 'Our ideologies have matched with Jana Sena and we have strong confidence on Pawan and so we joined the party,' said the ex-YSRCP leaders.

This is a huge boost for Jana Sena ahead of the local body polls. The ruling party was shocked and surprised by leaders leaving the party and are finding out the reasons that led them to join Jana Sena.

Well, the YSRCP leaders joining Jana Sena is still a wonder. Pawan had contested from Gajuwaka in the last elections and lost to YSRCP candidate.

Will this benefit Jana Sena in the local polls? The results will say us.

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