I Don't Have a Birth Certificate: KCR On CAA

I Don't Have a Birth Certificate: KCR On CAA

The row of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has touched the Telangana assembly too. On Saturday, AIMIM MLA Akbaruddin raked up this issue and urged the Telangana assembly to debate about it and move a resolution. BJP's only MLA Raja Singh raised objections over this.

Telangana CM KCR intervened on this and urged the leaders not to discuss this now and would allot a day for it. 'I agree with Akbaruddin to debate about CAA in the house. I request Speaker to give a chance to talk on this to every member of the house. There are many fears among people about CAA. Take the case of me, my family had 580 acres in Telangana when I was born. But during then there was no birth certificate as such. So I don't have a birth certificate now and where should I go?' questioned KCR.

He further said, if this is the case for me who is Telangana CM, what is the plight of dalits and minorities. 'The Assembly definitely needs to listen all the versions of arguments on CAA. After that we shall come to a conclusion and do whatever is needed to report the same to union government,' said KCR.

So the Telangana assembly will be discussing about CAA next week and definitely AIMIM and BJP leaders would indulge in some heared arguments. But will KCR government move a resolution against CAA in the house? Let's see what happens!

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