Mega brother's satire on Modi's exit

Mega brother's satire on Modi's exit

Since last night Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all over the headlines. He stated that this Sunday he might move out of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. But he would take his time for the final call on this exit.

From the oppositions to pro-Modi and pro-BJP followers, everyone is talking why all of a sudden Modi is thinking so. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a dig at Modi and added that he stood give up hatred instead of social media while Shashi Tharoor said this is party of BJP's plan to abolish social media.

Joining the chorus is Mega brother Naga Babu. "I think Modiji is correct. I thought of following Modiji," tweeted Naga Babu. Well we are not sure whether this is a satire or Naga Babu is really bagging Modi's social media exit but there is a hidden sarcasm in it.

In the recent times, Naga Babu has been very critical against anyone and is openly thrashing with cryptic comments. Let's see what both Modi and Naga Babu will do!


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