Give up hatred not social media: RaGa

Give up hatred not social media: RaGa

Last night Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a sensational statement that he is willing to quit social media and he would take a decision during the weekend. The social media was widely divided by Modi's comments and it is still unclear that what led him to take such a decision.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a dig at Modi and added that Modi should give up few things which matter to the country. "Give up hatred, not social media accounts," tweeted Rahul Gandhi.

#ModiQuitsSocialMedia, #NoSir, #YesSir and #NoModiNoTwitter are some of the hashtags trending on social media because of Modi's comments.

For now Modi has got the highest number of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram compared to any other politician in India. Anyway let's see what will Modi do with his social media accounts.


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