'Rs 500 paid artists' stopped Chandrababu

'Rs 500 paid artists' stopped Chandrababu

The opposition TDP is fuming on its chief Chandrababu Naidu being stopped from touring UttarAndhra. Blaming the YSRCP government, TDP leader Varla Ramaiah said the ruling party has brought in paid artists for this unwanted protest and it's a shameful act.

"Attack on Chandrababu's convoy shows the law & order situation in the state. The future looks scary and Jagan has showed the trailer with this attack and just imagine what would happen to Vizag if he makes it as Executive Capital? Our leader has declared the tour about 10 days back yet the government failed to take adequate security measures," said Varla speaking to the press in Amaravati. He also showed couple of videos of women who wore yellow sarees and were asked to throw tomatoes and eggs at Chandrababu's convoy. These dubious TDP activists were paid Rs 500 by the YSRCP and it looks like a pre-planned attack.

Varla Ramaiah also cited YSRCP ministers who threatened to oppose Chandrababu's tour. "Not just common YSRCP activists, even the ministers also made similar comments that they would Chandrababu's tour. Why did not the government arrest the ministers for making provocative comments," asked the TDP leader.

Irrespective ruling and opposition parties claims, the peaceful atmosphere of Vizag got disturbed and the political heat is soaring.

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