Not far... Not close to Jana Sena: Rapaka

Not far... Not close to Jana Sena: Rapaka

Razole MLA Rapaka Varaprasad said he is neither far nor close to Jana Sena Party. Rapaka visited Tirumala on Thursday and offered prayers to the God. Speaking to the media outside the temple, Rapaka said, he will completely support 'Three Capitals' idea of AP CM YS Jagan.

On party chief Pawan Kalyan, Rapaka said he did not meet up him in the recent times and has no clue what he is up to these days. "I'm not in touch with Pawan Kalyan and I will continue to support CM Jagan on issue basis. But I'm still Jana Sena Party MLA," said Rapaka.

Rapaka is the only MLA of Jana Sena in the AP Assembly. But Pawan Kalyan has instructed Rapaka to vote against 'Three Capitals' but the Razole MLA voted in favour of YSRCP government. Since then there is a huge gap between Rapaka and Jana Sena and Pawan Kalyan.

Though Pawan did not take any action against Rapaka, the MLA too is not leaving the party which is sending wrong signals and confusing the party leaders and cadre.

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