#DelhiViolence: Rajini slams Centre; Kamal says 'sabaash'

#DelhiViolence: Rajini slams Centre; Kamal says 'sabaash'

Thalaivar (actor-turned-politician) Rajinikanth opinionated his views on the ongoing Delhi violence saying that the brutality erupted due to intelligence failure and the home ministry has completely failed in its duty and especially in preventing the high communal clashes. During the riots in Northeast Delhi, it has claimed nearly 24 lives and over 200 people left severely injured.

Just a couple of hours later, superstar Kamal Haasan congratulated Rajini for his statements. He tweeted, "Shabash Rajini. Welcome to this route -- it's not a separate route but the path trodden by an entire race. Welcome and Congrats." Rajini also asked to "resign and leave" those who are in power (BJP), if the violence could not be steered. He quoted this without mentioning names directly.

"All protests that are happening in Delhi are because of intelligence failure. I condemn it. The intelligence should have been more vigilant when a leader like Donald Trump is in the country. They failed in doing their job properly. At least now I expect them to be vigilant and the violence should be dealt with an iron fist. If it is the intelligence failure, then it is also the Home Ministry's failure. I strongly condemn the people and the political parties that use religion for electoral gains," Rajinikanth told.

He predicted that the situation would soon be worse if the central government doesn't take the responsibility of dealing it right. "There will be trouble in future," he said. Talking about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) over which the clashes had initially begun in Delhi, Rajinikanth said that "As I said earlier, I will still stand by Muslims if they get affected by the amended citizenship law".

"I will be the first one to support for Muslims if they are affected by the CAA. But as the central government has clarified that it will not implement the NRC (National Register of Citizens), there is no point in creating confusion over it. However, protests should not turn violent," he added.

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