Producers queue up before Badminton Beauty

Producers queue up before Badminton Beauty

Badminton star Jwala Gutta is known as one of the most glamorous women sportspersons in India. Now, the Tollywood producers are queuing up before her to cash in on that glam factor. Few reports were already making rounds that she has signed a film opposite a Top Star.

When the media asked her to respond on the reports of her film debut, Jwala clarified that all those were speculations. She, however, agreed that she has been getting a lot of offers in the recent past. An avid movie buff Jwala says she is not sure if she could entertain the audience, but hinted that she might enter into films in future saying that her policy is 'never say no'.

In one of her interviews, Jwala said that she likes Prabhas among the young crop of Tollywood heroes. After that, a film which has Prabhas in the lead was offered to her, but she turned down it due to her prior commitments to the game of badminton. Tollywood filmmakers were confident that Jwala has got everything in her to ecorch the screens. Hope this glam babe finds time to star in at least one film in future!

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