Bill Clinton To Donald Trump : AP's Steep Fall

Bill Clinton To Donald Trump : AP's Steep Fall

This is the sad state of Andhra Pradesh state that witnessed a steep fall in its reputation. AP was once put on global map by then CM Chandrababu Naidu who did everything possible to get global recognition including getting then US President Bill Clinton to the state and getting him meet Dwacra women. Unfortunately, the successor state of Andhra Pradesh hasn't got such recognition. In fact, the state's reputation is only diminishing due to its political decisions and the war between the ruling party and opposition party affecting the investments to the state and dilemma surrounding the capital is resulting in huge damage.

Amidst US President Donald Trump's visit to Gujarat and New Delhi, several prominent leaders across the nation have received invitations including neighbouring Telangana state CM KCR. However, reportedly, AP CM Jagan hasn't received the invitation to Trump's meet and this has become hot topic in social media platforms.

Many are reminiscing the grand old times of Chandrababu's tenure as the CM for the united Andhra Pradesh where he had got then US President Bill Clinton and made him sit along with Dwacra women. With CM Jagan not getting invite to Trump's meet, many Andhra citizens are faulting themselves for electing Jagan as AP CM.

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