#Amaravati: TV5 Murthy Amassing Huge Following

#Amaravati: TV5 Murthy Amassing Huge Following

Among the biggest news channels we have, there are some iconic journalists and front faces for each channel. Unfortunately, the management of a few channels have decided to give support to certain political parties and they are making sure that they will stand by the decisions of those political outfits, no matter, what people feel.

Of late, if there is one journalist who is not actually taking any sides, whether standing by ruling YSR Congress in AP or against him by taking a pro-TDP stand, it is none other than TV5 Murthy. If we look at the way Murthy handled debates on Amaravathi capital shift, he neither took pro-Jagan, pro-TDP or pro-Janasena (pro-BJP) stand, but nailed all of them by systematically grilling them with righteousness.

Due to his neutral debates that sharply focus on the question and not create a scene out of every silly comment, Murthy is showcasing how an honest journalist be like. This aspect of him is being liked by many as many videos of his debate sessions are getting shared on social media pages quite enthusiastically by netizens who take a neutral stand regarding politics.

Back then, Murthy also handled some issues between Pawan Kalyan fans and Mahesh Kathi quite well, but one mistake led to his ouster from Mahaa TV. However, it looks like he has amended some of his own policies and right now racing ahead as the primetime face of the channel.

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