'No Objection', Naval Command In Vizag Clears Rumors

'No Objection', Naval Command In Vizag Clears Rumors

The ongoing capital shift is facing a daily dose of rumors, contradictions and then the concerned parties ruling them out at the earliest.

Yet again, the reports popped up about the defense wing from the Eastern Naval base in Visakhapatnam opposed the idea of making the city as the state capital for obvious reasons of becoming a sensitive target for the enemies.

While the rumors spread at a rapid speed, the Easter Naval Command came into condemn the reports emerging. The PRO of Eastern Naval Command Headquarters in Visakhapatnam released a press statement, ruling out the news about receiving any proposal nor raising any objections to the Government of Andhra Pradesh regarding setting up the Secretariat in Millennium Towers in Visakhapatnam.

With this official statement from Eastern Naval Command, the rumors about the defense opposing CM Jagan's capital idea are going to cease.

It happened earlier too that the Kia Motors is planning to move its plant to Tamil Nadu, which was later denied by the officials from Kia and as well as the government of Andhra Pradesh.

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