Centre can't dare to Arrest Jagan, Undavalli hits hard at Jagan

Centre can't dare to Arrest Jagan, Undavalli hits hard at Jagan

Former Rajahmundry MP Undavalli Arun Kumar said the Centre cannot dare to arrest Jagan in the CBI cases. Undavalli called on the media and spoke about a few topics related to the state. The media asked him about Jagan's recent trip to Delhi.

Replying to them, Undavalli said, "If Jagan met PM Modi and Amit Shah for AP needs, his graph will grow or like reports in few newspapers that he met for his CBI cases, he would fall. Comparing Jagan with Sasikala is a different case. Jagan has a big image in AP and I don't think Centre will push Jagan behind the bars again."

Sand Scarcity: Jagan's Failure

On the sand scarcity in the state, Undavalli said, this problem was there when Kiran Kumar Reddy was CM. The previous TDP government looted the sand and this government has created a sand scarcity as there are allegations of corruption. Sometime back collector and the officials said that the government would come up with new sand policy but it's been six months. This is nothing but Jagan's failure.

Media Ban: If You Ban Media, Your Downfall Begins

Undavalli found fault with Jagan's blocking the telecast of Telugu news channels. "None will believe that the government has nothing to do with banning of channels. The media was completely against late YS Rajasekhar Reddy but he never tried to control them. KCR has done it in his first term and now Jagan is following it. The moment a government is scared of negative news and blocks channels, its downfall begins then and there," said the ex-MP.

AP Financial Crises: AP is in huge debts

The former Congress leader expressed deep concern on AP's financial status. "Post the demonetization, the GDP of India has fallen below Bangladesh. This impact is on states too and AP is going through severe crisis. There is a fear of future that someday the state will come to stand still," said Undavalli. He also mentioned about the freebies the government is giving away.

Polavaram: No Progress in Polavaram Works

Undavalli said the project is not at all moving forward. "I have requested the previous government to release a white paper on the expenses. They replied that everything about the project is available. But when I checked there was nothing and after my questioning, some figures and details were added. The last time Polavaram website was updated in January 2019. After the new government coming, the works have stopped for a few months citing lack of budget. Recently I heard that the Centre has released Rs 1800 crore for the project and the information I have is, the government has diverted the money to excise department and to clear Arogya Sri bills," added Undavalli.

Concluding he urged CM Jagan to focus on Polavaram like how he is doing for Amma Vodi and other schemes. "People did not vote for Jagan just looking at his schemes and election manifesto. They voted him keeping in mind that Jagan is YSR's son," said Undavalli.

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