KTR in Delhi: Centre Owes 1.6 Lakh Crore To Telangana

KTR in Delhi: Centre Owes 1.6 Lakh Crore To Telangana

The Delhi result has given a big boost to the aspirations of Third Front for the regional parties which have been aiming to take on mighty BJP led by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Arvind Kejriwal's death-blow to BJP in Delhi Assembly polls has raised the debate of alternative political force. As KCR had aspired to steer one such political force against national parties BJP and Congress, his scion and party's working president KTR answers during his Delhi visit - two days after Kejriwal's thumping victory.

KTR, who was in Delhi to attend a Times Now summit , shared his party's views over the burning political issues on the sideline of the event. He admitted that TRS party's love-hate bond with Union Government continues. KTR reiterated that the Telangana state government is against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of Citizens (NRC), National Population Register (NPR). He wanted more clarity from the Union Government. KTR hoped that the Centre would rethink on CAA, NRC and NPR following a larger debate in the country. He said Telangana state would act on time against CAA and would cross the bridge when the time comes. Below are the excerpts.

Centre Owes 1.6 Lakh Crore To Telangana

Responding to Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharam's statement in the Parliament that the Union government had given tax devolution funds to the tune of 85,013 Crore to Telangana state in six years (including 13,009.40 Crore upto Feb 5, 2019-2020), KTR found fault with Finance Minister's statement. The Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister of Telangana KTR said the state has given the revenue of around 2.72 lakh crore to the Centre in the form of taxes and the Union government in return has given only 1.15 lakh crore to Telangana state.

KTR questioned the missing revenue and raised the point that what happened to the remaining 1.60 lakh crore. Stating that it is Centre's responsibility to fulfill the needs of states, KTR said the Centre should deal with the states equivocally in fulfilling the state's needs. KTR has demanded the Centre to immediately transfer the GST compensation to Telangana state. He said the Centre is delaying the GST compensation to the states. KTR said BJP would be exposed for not doing enough to Telangana and the party's existence in the state is a big question.

Telangana, Fast Progressing State

KTR said Telangana is one of the fast progressing states in the country. He said stable government and good governance are attracting huge foreign investments as the confidence among investors is growing marginally. He said infrastructure development and urban development sectors are getting a lot of investments. KTR said the world is watching at Telangana state which is new and progressing at brisk pace. He reiterated that the Centre and the state should work hand-in-hand for the progress.

Regional Parties To Rule

Stressing that the spirit of Indian constitution lies in states owing to the Federal Structure, KTR said India is the Union of States. He said the regional parties would play larger role in the coming days. He said TRS had supported BJP's One Nation, One Tax (GST). He said TRS had supported Centre in the abrogation of Articles 370, 35A. He said TRS would support the Union Government when it believed the Centre's decision is in the national interest. He said that is the beauty of democracy and that's how one should support or differ based on issues and policies.

KTR said he wouldn't comment on Congress party's stand on BJP - simply opposing every move of BJP - in the parliament saying that it is Congress party's prerogative. He said Telangana state would pass the resolution against the CAA when needed. However, KTR is hopeful that the Centre would rethink its decision on CAA, NRC and NPR. He said the Union Government should first clarify on the confusion surrounding these. He said Union Home Minister Amit Shah's statement and PM's statement over the Citizenship Amendment Act are contradicting each other. KTR expressed his angst over the economic slowdown in the country and the Union Government's economic policies that are leading to the slowdown. He said the Centre should focus more on creating employment and opportunities.

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