Congress is 'ZERO' in Delhi

Congress is 'ZERO' in Delhi

The Congress party has once again failed in elections as the party did not open its account in the Delhi polls. As per the trends, Aam Aadmi Party is racing towards a grand victory by leading in over 50 seats while the BJP is most likely to retain its opposition status and would get seats under 20.

Delhi Assembly has 70 seats and Congress did not give a tough competition even in one segment. Post Sheila Dikshit, there is no face for Congress in the Delhi and there is a clear lack of leadership in the national capital.

Compared to 2015 elections, Congress has lost its vote share too. In 2015, Congress got over nine percent vote share and this time, it got reduced to just over four percent. But the political experts believe that Congress vote share went to AAP while BJP accused that Congress had sent soft signals to their feelers to vote for AAP.

Reacting on the results, Delhi Congress Chief Subhash Chopra said he would take responsibility for the party's performance.


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