'YSR Soul' Helping Jagan Secretly

'YSR Soul' Helping Jagan Secretly

We know that YSR's best friend KVP Ramachandra Rao is considered as his 'soul'. However all the pointers have led to KVP many times as he is not supporting Jagan in public. But he seems to be giving him a helping hand secretly.

In his written complaint to CCS police, CBI JD Lakshmi Narayana has reportedly mentioned that KVP's close relative played a key role in getting the call-list out. This 'relative' is very close to KVP and is a partner in most of his businesses. JD mentioned that this guy threatened him with that 'call-list' before he has given that to a media house and political party. It is very clear that our 'YSR Soul' is trying hard to help out Jagan to come clean if the accusations of JD Lakshmi Narayana are true. Congress insiders who are demanding for the arrest of KVP in Jagan's assets case have now got an ultimate weapon to aim at the veteran.

Some TV reports are saying that KVP's name will be included in the upcoming charge sheets of CBI and that is the reason for a relative of him involved in CBI JD call list issue.  The other day CBI stated that they are going to file four more charge sheets in the coming days about Jagathi, Bharati Cement and other companies.

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