Undavalli Round-up: Target Jagan?

Undavalli Round-up: Target Jagan?

Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar spoke at large on the present situation in the Andhra Pradesh state, Three capital ideas, Jagan's policies, Chandrababu's criticism, Pawan Kalyan's films, Special category status, Investments, Polavaram, CAA, Vizag and many more. He said he wanted to speak on other topics like liquor, pensions, and sand, but had to speak about all these.

Undavalli called it a breach of trust and contract when the new government denies the policies of the previous government with respect to building the capital city as it has thousands of acres of land sacrificed by the farmers. The former MP questioned how any investor wants to pour money in a state where the next government is not willing to continue the privileges or exemptions provided by the former government.

Don't Repeat A Hyderabad With Vizag

Stating that no one has the proper idea on the 3 capital formula, as it is a new concept, Undavalli underlines that Jagan remains as a CM that made the Amaravathi farmers suffer and said the CM should have announced a move of few offices that belong better to another city in the state.  

Pointing out the mistake done by Chandrababu in pouring all the money to develop Hyderabad as a great city, Arun Kumar called Jagan's idea of developing Vizag as IT hub the same mistake. He instead advised Jagan to develop other cities and towns in the state, which can be called a proper decentralized development.

Undavalli mentioned Punjab as exemplary to this decentralized development sating that there are more than 60 percent wealthy people in that state with not more than ten lakh population in each city and town. Undavalli read out the statistics of Chandrababu's proposed allocation to different sectors in the capital city and as those numbers appear too far from reality, he asked why would anyone want to invest if we show these exaggerations.

'Capital', But Not 'Capital City'

Also mentioning why the film industry never really left Hyderabad for Andhra Pradesh, Undavalli said that nobody would give up on their business and comfort for caste or region unless they were given more exemptions, facilities, and related amenities. Talking about special category status, Undavalli Arun Kumar underlined that 'capital city' is never the matter of issue but the 'capital' from investors always is.

Undavalli also alleged that Polavaram project work is not going on the full note and once again he stressed the need for the completion of Polavaram for future of Andhra Pradesh, which he hopes should be done at least before the YSRC term ends. Undavalli says the capital city issue is nothing, but the industries, investments, and Polavaram are much bigger and important at this hour.

If Jagan Is Wrong, So Is Chandrababu

Undavalli also mentioned how TDP is now alleging that the retired Judge Chalameshwar meeting Jagan, A1 in disproportionate assets case is influencing the judicial system. He asked if an honest and sincere retired chief justice like Chalameshwar meeting a Cheif Minister of a state is wrong, how is the same judge meeting Chandrababu Naidu while he was facing the note-vote case, at a private party for one complete hour behind the closed doors, would be right?

Pawan Kalyan Going Back To Films

Undavalli Arun Kumar backed Pawan Kalyan going back to films. He said he advised Pawan Kalyan to not leave the films for which the Janasenani refused. Undavalli says that he then would have thought of becoming the CM and now the elections are nowhere near, it is reasonable that Pawan goes back to movies. When asked about Pawan's inconsistent political alliances, Undavalli says there are no rules in alliances, reminding what Chandrababu did by joining hands with communist parties in one election and shook hands with BJP for the next.

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