Botsa and Bugganna to head Select Committees

Botsa and Bugganna to head Select Committees

Days after TDP, BJP and PDF parties have sent their names to Select Committees, the YSRCP government has appointed ministers Bugganna Rajendranath Reddy and Botsa Satyanarayana as the chairmen of the committees.

Finance minister Bugganna will head the Development Decentralisation committee while Botsa will head the Dissolution of CRDA bill committee. Each committee has eight members. Nara Lokesh, Ashok Babu, Sadhya Rani, Thippe Swami, KS Lakshman Rao, PVS Madhav and V Gopal Reddy are part of Bugganna committee while Deepak Reddy, Bachchula Arjunudu, Beeda Ravichandra, Gounivaari Srinivasulu, Shaik Mohammad Iqbal, Illa Venkateswara Rao and BJP's Samu Veerraju are part of Botsa's committee.

This is interesting aspect as the chairmen are ruling party leaders. Even if the committee members delay or oppose the bill, Bugganna and Botsa can change their final report.

However, an official statement is yet to arrive on Bugganna and Botsa heading these committees. Legislative Council Chairman Sharif has sent the committee initiating process to assembly secretary. Also this appointment comes in a surprise as the other day an YSRCP leader commented that when the council itself was dissolved, there is no question of select committees.

When will the committees meet and what would be they discuss is something to be watched out for.