Sunitha Shows Why YS Viveka Case Needs CBI

Sunitha Shows Why YS Viveka Case Needs CBI

YS Vivekananda Reddy's daughter Sunitha and Son-in-law N Rajasekhar Reddy filed a petition in high court to hand over the case to CBI and they have a detailed explanation and reasons on why this case needs to be handed over to CBI.

According to those details in a petition.

- Night Watchman Ranganna denied knowing about the murder.

- Ranganna has been denying that he telephoned on March 14, 2019, to know when P Rajasekhar would be coming back. Police have not got any progress in this.

- Ranganna did not reveal if he heard any screams or shouts in the night

- Viveka had deep injuries on the head and body, hinting a possibility of more than one attacker was there. An injury on Viveka's right hand might have happened when he tried to stop the attackers.

- How could the killers enter the house without Ranganna knowing it and how could they escape from side door?

- How could Ranganna enter from the side door and how did he even know that it was open? These acts of Ranganna are giving rise to more suspicion on him.

- When there are many people in the crime scene along with Pulivendula CI, how only three were alleged to have tampered the evidence?

- Why were we told that YS Viveka passed away due to cardiac arrest until we received the Inayatullah's pictures and videos of injuries on Viveka's body?

- When the bathroom, bedroom have blood marks and injuries were seen n Viveka's head, Why did the news channels telecast that 'cardiac arrest' news up to 11 30 a.m?

- The FIR was registered between 8 30 - 9 30 am, but how did the CI register it a suspicious death even after seeing the bloodstains and injuries on his body at the crime scene?

- Why did Yerra Gangireddy pressurize not to register any case?

- Why is Dr. Siva Shankar Reddy in the room where YS Viveka died? Why did he try to dress up the wounds and talk about stitches?

- Why did Yerra Gangireddy order the maid Lakshmamma to clean the bloodstains in the bathroom and bedroom?

- Why not were the relatives and doctors facing the evidence tampering charges, when they all moved the dead body from the bathroom, and tried to cover the head wounds with bandages?

- Why was SIT changed three times and why was a DG level SIT head replaced with an SP level officer?

- Why are the police not talking about the evidence and progress of the case even after ten months of YS Viveka murder?

- Did the police check the suspects' call data?

- Why the Prime suspect YSRC leader Parameswara Reddy was admitted to the hospital on the day of the murder and later met TDP MLC Btech Ravi in Haritha Hotel?

These were all the questions and suspicions raised the Sunitha, demanding the case to be given to CBI for further and speedy investigation.

Sunitha also expressed a fear of life threat to her and her husband Nareddy Rajasekhar from the killers of YS Viveka. She also suspected a threat to the lives of Parameswara Reddy, Yerra Gangi Reddy and Watchman Rangayya in this case.

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