Upper House Abolition: Revanth Blames KCR-Jagan Friendship

Upper House Abolition: Revanth Blames KCR-Jagan Friendship

Once a TDP firebrand and present Congress working president Revanth spoke about the latest happenings in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Revanth Reddy condemned Jagan's government's act of abolishing the legislative council and called it a move against the constitutional spirit and irrational.

AP assembly adopting a resolution to abolish the Legislative council for not passing a bill, is not a just process, according to Revanth Reddy. Also saying that it is state government's wish to decide on as many capitals as they want, he felt getting down to abolish the legislative council in that process is not right.

Bringing his arch-rival KCR into Upper-house abolition, Revanth alleges that Jagan is getting these ideas of destructing the system, from his friendship with KCR. Giving more predictions, Revanth said that KCR wanted the neighbor state to be chaos so he could be happy.

'If Jagan continues his friendship with KCR, the future of both AP and Jagan will be dark' said Revanth in Delhi during a brief chat with media.

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