After NTR, YSR & KCR, It's Jagan!

After NTR, YSR & KCR, It's Jagan!

Keep the criticism aside, CM Jagan has proved to be gutsy at taking bold decisions. He goes by his own heart and doesn't consider or rethink any decision once he opts for. He is firm in taking decisions and equally firm in implementing them. Very few politicians belong to this rare breed. 47-year-old Jagan is taking bold decisions at fast pace. This is taking many by surprise including political analysts and senior politicians cutting across the party lines.

Irrespective of the consequences and results, Jagan stood by his decisions. There's no two ways about a policy or an issue when he opts for it. Be it the renegotiation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or reverse tendering in Polavaram Irrigation Works or Sand Policy of government or making English as medium of instruction mandatory, Jagan proved to be strong and adamant.

Telangana CM KCR is such personality. Be it during the Telangana agitation or during the recent RTC strike, KCR has shown his grit and determination. And YSR needs no case studies. He is one of the leaders who paved path for strong leadership.

Though Jagan has arrived late (after NTR, YSR and KCR), he is truly excelling at his best. He stick to his policy on not taking MLAs and MLCs of Opposition parties and he hasn't deviated from it. Thus, CM Jagan sets precedent in Assembly and Council. By passing a resolution on scrapping of the Council - without wasting much time, he yet again proved to be a Man of Steel. No doubt, Jagan is giving a strong leadership to AP. But one has to wait and watch what would be the consequences as several investments seem to have taken a hit.

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