Capital Change: Express Highway's Future In Enigma

Capital Change: Express Highway's Future In Enigma

YSRC has been promoting many advantages of changing the capital to Vizag, while TDP is doing its best to match it by bringing up the cons of moving the capital away from the Amaravati region. The latest one from TDP is about the Amravathi - Anantapur express-highway.

TDP MP Jay Galla brought this question mark up, asking about the future of proposed Amaravthi - Ananapur expressway. Estimated to build with around 28,000 cr rupees, the Amaravathi - Anantapur greenfield expressway is expected to accelerate industrial development and generate employment in drought-affected districts in the state, along with minimizing travel time between Amaravathi and Rayalaseema districts.

Now, with plans of changing the capital from Amaravathi to Visakhapatnam, the state of this expressway falls in an enigma. As state and central governments have agreed upon developing it by bearing 50 percent of land acquisition, the previous government obtained statutory clearances for environment, forests, and wildlife.

Like YSRC is arguing about the development of Rayalaseema districts with 3 capitals, the TDP is questioning how ditching this one of the first greenfield expressways to be developed with an access control system, be a sign of development in Rayalaseema.

The Centre was to take up the project under Phase-7 of the National Highways Development project and with the change of capital in Andhra Pradesh, the project status is now a dilemma.

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